How to be EMO???

How to be Emo? It is not necessary to dress only in black clothes - so gloomy style is peculiar to goth, but Emo prefers to dilute dark black colors with bright pink accessories. It concerns both Emo girls and Emo boys. But as an accessory should be meant only badges, brooches and another trifle - jeans (surely fitting!), T-shirts, belts and gym shoes can be only black. A bag or a backpack is exclusively black too, but you have to put a great number of different badges and labels, but they have to be just pink. No other color, like red or green, will not be approached here. Besides, it is necessary to get gloves without fingers and accessories in a black-and-white cage, and also ornaments with skulls.

Get in touch with your emotions. Emo is short for emotional, so whatever your emotions may be get in touch with them via song, art, poetry or photography.

 EMO Definition:-